About Us

Welcome to the Dorm Room Cook

Aw, college. Cramming for finals, working part-time jobs, weighing every major decision against the future, plus trying to make these the best 4 years of your life. It’s a no wonder there’s a fast food within walking distance of every campus. Cooking isn’t on anyone’s radar.

Really, who has an hour to spend in the shared kitchen? What floor is it on, anyway? When was the last time someone cleaned that kitchen? What kind of monster would microwave old fish, like ever???

We know you may not have a ton of options. It’s not like you have an oven in your room. How do we know? Um, because we’re certain that the only major change in dorm rooms over the last few decades is the carpeting… and even that’s debatable. But that doesn’t mean that you have to ration your late-night diner leftovers to have decent food between holidays and breaks. Times are changing, at least when it comes to feeding yourself away from home.

We’re a group that has acquired a certain set of skills. Skills that you need if you’re gonna not starve to death. We’re dedicated to feeding you using the stuff allowed in your dorm room plus not-at-all-fancy ingredients found in snack bars and Walmarts across the country.

Who are we, you might ask? We’re ex-college students who have suffered so that you don’t have to. Much like professors do, only less tweed and shaming. Oh, and no Ph.D. but last time we checked there weren’t any doctorates in microwave meals. Other than that, samesies.


Who makes the recipes? 

Our head microwave button pusher is Sabrina. She’s a trained professional chef, former private chef of over 10 years and she has certifications in food safety. She also survived four years of college in a dorm room without the luxury of in room microwaves or any of the fancy gadgets we use now. It was a dining hall kind of life back then.

Who makes those sweet illustrations?

Caitlin Hawker – Caitlin is a painter, illustrator, and starving artist who we feed ramen in exchange for drawings. For this site, she likes to use pens and lined paper because they remind her of doodling in the margins of the notes she was supposed to be taking in class. She occasionally exhibits her paintings in local galleries and spends her free time reading horror novels and generally being creepy.

More about us:

Whether it’s a late-night munchie for “studying”, pre-party fuel, or a fast breakfast that fits into your bag (doubling as a cure for that post-party feeling), Dorm Room Cook is laying down knowledge for when you need to eat but you still gotta live the busy, crazy, demanding, best years of your life.

Anyone else? Yep. We’ve got a Jen, a Hannah, a David, a Janna, a Beth and a cute golden retriever named Shadow that all work behind the scenes making Dorm Room Cook the best it could possibly be!

So let us know if you need anything, we’re here armed with microwave skills no one has ever seen before.

Rise up Dorm Dwellers and learn to feast like never before!